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A Workout Routine with TG Sports Direct

Posted on January 29, 2021

Never does the phrase ‘all the gear and no idea’ ring truer than during your first home workout. No matter how many times you’ve seen your favourite Fitstagrammer perform a move, it’s easy for it to feel a bit unnatural when trying it in your own home.

That’s why we’ve put together a simple little routine that’ll get you past the first step. We’ve taken our favourite home workout tools from TG Sports Direct and put them into a simple 20:00 routine to get you started. The equipment is easy to adjust to your own requirements, diverse enough for a range of workouts and gives you an easy starting point from which to develop your own routine. Mix and match, feel the burn and watch as you and your confidence grow.

All items are available to order online.




Put on USA’s Pro Ankle and Wrist Weights

So let’s start with some good news; there are no upper body movements in this routine. Instead, we’ll be using USA’s Pro Strap-on 500g weights to add a little extra intensity on the arms, meaning you can work both upper and lower body at the same time – sounds simple, but you’ll see what we mean!


You can also wear these during regular activities to add a bit of a workout throughout the day, great if you’re lacking on time or looking to gradually get into more strenuous activities.


Buy USA's Pro Strap-on 500g weights here for £13.99 £6.99 here




Skipping with Everlast’s Leather Skipping Rope – 2:00 minutes

We’re going to start with a childhood favourite that fits a lot of activity into a small space: skipping.


Start with the rope behind your feet and a handle in each hand. Rotate your lower arms to flick the rope forward and jump as the rope comes toward your feet – if you’re wearing the wrist weights, you’ll start to feel it now!


Mix in bursts where you skip as fast as you can, or jump over the rope on alternate feet for a more natural movement. Keep your muscles relaxed, joints loose and maybe see if you can do a trick – double jump anyone?


Buy Everlast's Leather Skipping Rope for £14.99 £7.99 here.



3x12 Squats USA’s Pro Woven Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands are the best friends of all lockdown lifters, as the force required to stretch them allows you to mimic the effect of heavier weights.


Start by placing a band around the middle of your thighs, then spread your feet to shoulder-width apart. Keeping a straight back, bend at the knees until your thighs are parallel with the ground, before returning to your original position.


Repeat this move 12 times for 2 more sets with a minute’s rest in between. Alternate between bands or hold weights – shopping bags, wine bottles, small children – to change the difficulty.


Buy USA Pro's Woven Resistance Band Set for £25.99 £12.99 here.



30 sit-ups on Reebok’s Stability Gym Ball

Sit-ups are often the go-to move for a tight stomach, however without the correct form, they can cause more pain for less gain.


Sit on your yoga ball as if you were just perching on a chair, so your lower back is cushioned, and your muscles are engaged to keep you from rolling off. Hinging at the hips, recline the top half of your body backwards until you feel a burn in your stomach, then return to your initial position.


We recommend you repeat this 30 times, however feel free to break it into small manageable sets. You can even use the ball as an office chair and squeeze in a few sit-ups between Zoom calls!


Buy Reebok's Stability Gymball for £29.99 £21.00 here.



Everlast Premium Cross Trainer for 3:00 minutes

The Premium Cross Trainer gives you the perks of a brisk hike, without the damp weather, heavy equipment or need to go far. And at half price for just £249.99, you can be sure you exercise your body and not your bank account.


For a three-minute burst of exercise,  begin at a mid to high intensity (too fast to maintain a conversation, but not so fast you can’t speak at all). After one minute, take it down to a medium intensity and for the final minute, just keep it spinning. This will keep your muscles warm whilst lowering your heart rate, ready for the final part of the routine. 


Buy Everlast's Premium Cross Trainer for £499.99 £249.99 here.


Stretch it out on Everlast’s Exercise Mat for 5:00 minutes, followed by 5:00 minutes of meditation

The most important part of any workout routine is what you do after you finish. Yes, it may be tempting lie down on the spot and think about ordering a Nando’s, but by taking time afterwards to stretch and cool down, you avoid a lot of pain the next day.


Stretch from your legs upwards, taking time to focus on your glutes, hips and triceps, before getting into a comfortable position and focusing on your breathing. Take time to appreciate the work you’ve just done for yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.


Buy Everlast's Exercise mat for £23.99 £11.99 here.


… and if you still fancy it, order that Nando’s.